CU-Med Biobank, Hong Kong

Certification Status: Approved
Registration Status: Completed

Objective: A Biobank or biorepository is a laboratory that accepts, processes, stores and distributes biospecimens and the associated data for basic and clinical researches. The incident rate of diseases, especially cancer is raising over years and it becomes a major threat of human health. To develop better treatment of diseases and to improve patient survival, in-depth studies of the genetic and molecular mechanisms of diseases were essential. These more accurate and comprehensive studies require high-quality human biological samples, such as tumor tissues, patient blood, and body fluids. By using these biological samples, researchers can explore the disease mechanisms from genomics, transcriptome and proteome levels. They can also validate their research results in real patient samples. These findings will contribute to improve prevention, enhance diagnosis, develop new treatment and eventually cure of diseases. For these reasons, we plan to establish a standardized, accredited Biobank for standardized and systematic collection, storage and application of patient biological samples. This system will provide researchers with high-quality biological samples and comprehensive clinical, pathological including molecular/genetic information for their research. Therefore, a standardized and accredited Biobank, is a pivotal bridge to improve the translation of basic research into clinical applications.

Registered Biobank Name CU-Med Biobank
Biobank Leader Dr. Terry Cho Tsun OR
Country Hong Kong
Email for biobank inquiries
Principal Investigator Prof. Ronald CW Ma and Prof. KF To
User Type
  • Mono: A biobank that supports a specific research project, may have few staff members, a small-scale accrual scope with little to no initial intention of releasing or distributing biospecimens to secondary parties
  • Oligo: A biobank that supports several research groups or clinical trials, may or may not be designed to release biospecimens outside their collaborative group
  • Poly: A biobank that has generally a larger accrual scope, resources, and multiple users outside the biobank proper
Poly - Collection aimed at supporting undetermined, multiple users with ethics approved research projects, through a defined access/application mechanism.
Biospecimen Collected: