Vinmec Tissue Biobank, Vietnam

Certification Status: Invite Member
Registration Status: Completed

Objective: Biobank - one of the ten ideas changing the world, is a safe house for biosamples including tissue, tumor cells, nucleic acids, metabolites, fecal and even blood and stem cells — that would be significantly used for research into new therapies and treatments for diseases. Particularly, biobank enables researchers and healthcare professionals to access the data and biosamples to identify new biomarkers for diagnosis and developing customized medical solutions to the various diseases and health issues. To perform mission and vision of Vinmec Healthcare System: to deliver “first-class health services to the Vietnamese people’’ and to become the ‘’leading healthcare system in Vietnam and region, respectively, biobank Vinmec has been focusing on the maintaining of umbilical cord blood banks (UCBB) with high quality for cellular therapy services and expanding to various banking consisting of Mesenchymal stem cells banks derived marrow bone, adipose tissue, and umbilical cord (MSCB) for cellular therapy services, biospecimen banks for colon cancer research, microbiome banks for fecal microbiota transplants (FMT), tissue banks for clinical applications, and biosample banks for cancer research. Importantly, the biosample or biospecimen banks will be based on the following novelties: 1) discover the genes and biomarkers that contribute to various diseases and relate to the efficacy or adverse reactions of drugs; 2) provide useful information regarding molecular targets for the evidence-based development of new medicines and/or diagnostic tools; 3) examine interactions between genetic and treatment factors related to the progression of diseases; 4) provide essential medical information applied to implementation of personalized medicine. Success in the biobank vinmec will result in a close collaboration and/or integration of biobank, clinical trials, and translational medicines in the Vinmec Healthcare System. It will create the complex and multidisciplinary research programmes requiring right cooperation between infrastructures to support for biobanking, translational research, and clinical research and application with main goals: 1) to facilitate the use of scientific services, expertise and tools by the academia and industry for the translation of the scientific discoveries into new therapies, treatments and solutions for patients; 2) to increase knowledge and awareness about right research practice and ensure greater access to common resources; 3) to be more comfortable for research community achieving the highest possible standards and delivering high quality and reproducible science.

Registered Biobank Name Vinmec Tissue Biobank
Biobank Leader Tien Anh Ngo
Country Vietnam
Email for biobank inquiries
Principal Investigator Tien Anh Ngo
User Type
  • Mono: A biobank that supports a specific research project, may have few staff members, a small-scale accrual scope with little to no initial intention of releasing or distributing biospecimens to secondary parties
  • Oligo: A biobank that supports several research groups or clinical trials, may or may not be designed to release biospecimens outside their collaborative group
  • Poly: A biobank that has generally a larger accrual scope, resources, and multiple users outside the biobank proper
Poly - Collection aimed at supporting undetermined, multiple users with ethics approved research projects, through a defined access/application mechanism.
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