Biobank Certification Account

What is the Biobank Certification Account?

An account for a biobank to proceed from initial registration to full certification.

What are the benefits?

Your biobank will have access to biobank certification and the associated education program, SOPs, tools and biobanking templates that are useful to biobanks and biospecimen research projects. Your team (which includes yourself and up to 20 of your team members) will have access to all the modules of our biobank education program.

How does it work?

A biobank assigns a key person* responsible to:
  1. Sign up and pay the fee
  2. Register your biobank by completing the registration form
  3. To certify your biobank:
    • Invite the biobank's team/staff members and assign education modules.
    • Track the status for all the biobank's team/staff members.
  4. Act as a communications point person to the Biobank Resource Centre.
  5. Aid biobank team/staff in enrolling in biobank certification and education and accessing tools and templates.

*This role is called the biobank 'Team Leader'.
Examples of the Team Leaders include: Principal Investigator, Biobank Manager, Biobank Director, Research Laboratory Manager etc.

Once you proceed to the payment page , it will take 1-3 days before the account upgrade will take effect.

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